• We have known the Brugger sisters for many years so we knew they would be honest and forthcoming with their assessment of our home and price it accordingly. Because they work very well as a team, either one was able to address any concerns or questions we had. They kept us in the loop of every aspect of our sale which helped the process flow without additional stress. Both are very knowledgeable about everything real estate and had our best interests always in the forefront. We were thrilled to have our home on the market only a few days before the deal was sealed! Absolutely the best team around and we highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sell or buy a home in the Metro. - Howard & Sandy Hecht Des Moines IA
  • Carrie and Laurie did an amazing job throughout the entire process. As a first time home buyer, I had no idea what to expect. They provided me with the information and guidance that made it a breeze. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know! - Emily Bogart
  • Carrie helped us look for a home two years ago. We had a great experience with her so did not think twice about having her list our house when it came time to sell. Carrie and Laurie made selling our home such a seamless and easy process. They handled all of the logistics behind the scene so that we had very little stress or burden. We were very impressed with how quickly Carrie and Laurie were able to list and sell our home (within a day!) at our full asking price. They are true professionals, a pleasure to work with and we would 100% recommend them to anyone buying or selling their home! - Audrey and Brad Hoffman
  • Truthfully I met Carrie and her assistant Laurie on a visit to Des Moines. We decided on 4 properties for my daughter Ashley and me to walk thru. During this time I could see and feel the commitment to me to help me find what I wanted. And actually I was not sure myself. It was a fun as well as a very informative adventure. Carrie understood my situation and reasons for wanting property here. They made a list of some of the critical requirements for the right place. I was just getting "my feet wet". There was never any pressure. Only a feeling of a sort of security that they would help me and I felt safe if that makes sense. I returned to Indiana. From January to late April I would receive listings of available properties. Then the right one popped up. In Carries absence Laurie became my eyes, ears, my connection to the future plans for Iowa. My daughter actually discovered the condo and trusting her judgement and trusting in Laurie for her expertise in the financial ...legalities...inspections etc. I made the purchase sight unseen from Indiana! For ME that was a CRAZY thing! Thanks ladies all 3 of you, Nancy - Nancy DesMoines
  • Our son has dealt with Carrie and trusts her knowledge and business acumen 100%. Working with Laurie as well was a bonus as both know us and were atuned to our needs. All the minor details were addressed and handled promptly. Having Laurie with her makes them an unstoppable duo! They are fantastic! Chad Pietschz was awesome to work with as well with financing. Everyone had to hustle to get closing moved up 3 weeks by the seller's request. He made that happen. - Peg and Ed Froehle, Des Moines, IA
  • Carrie is the best. - Celene Gogerty, Des Moines
  • Realtor to the Stars. You feel like a star with Carrie. Her attention to your requests are handled promptly. She and Laurie are a great team providing consistent service through responses and informative information. - Jen Daniels, Carlisle
  • Carrie worked hard to market our home, was available to show the home when a potential buyer was interested, and followed through with everyone who went through the home. She has great knowledge about homes, and has great contacts for any service wanted or needed for property owners. - Lori Bogart Des Moines
  • I've worked with Carrie Brugger multiple times. She listens to what you're looking for in a home, then takes her knowledge of the area to find you a perfect fit in house and neighborhood. I recommend her to all my family and friends! - Tim Froehle, Des Moines
  • I think it is fair to say that I am qualified to review Carrie since I have personally bought and sold 3 houses with her and I have intimate knowledge of one other transaction. These house have ranged in value from mid $100K to over $700K and she approaches all deals with the same vigor. She know exactly what we want in each deal. She can be given a range of authority to negotiate and she will still try for the best deal. She is candid when the other side is unreasonable and she is frequently hilarious about it. We have been through some difficult deals with contingencies, being underwater, and misunderstandings, and she pushes the other agents to make it work for all of us. She partners with Moco, and one of them is always available so there are no gaps and no waiting for imprtant questions. She is trustworthy and wonderful and she loves her work. All of her clients benefit from it.

    Being a real estate agent is her thing and she is a rock star at it. Highest recommendation.

    - David & Christine
  • I was very impressed and happy with Carrie. She is a hard worker, honest, problem solver and a positive person. The thing that I was most impressed by was her communication skills! I felt we were always in the loop. Highly recommend.

    - Maria & Matt
  • It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Brugger. My home buying experience with her resulted in a smooth transaction from start to finish. I highly recommend her, and I admire her level of determination in working for her clients.

    - Katie G.
  • Carrie has a great eye for all the details in every aspect of buying and selling homes and she is also the most fun agent I have ever worked with. She made my experience a very smooth and rewarding one.

    - Sonja
  • Carrie and Moco,

    "I have been so pleased with the attention, marketing, and follow through with Carrie and Moco and their ability to sell my house so very quickly (17 days) and help me with all of the details that go along with selling a home".   "I am so glad that I chose you two to sell my house". 

    - Jan B
  • Carrie helped us sale both a house and a condo after the death of my father. She is a very hard worker who will do what's best for her clients. I would recommend Carrie to anyone and would use her again in a heartbeat.

    - John H.
  • Carrie was recommended to my husband and me by a friend, and we couldn't be more satisfied with her level of knowledge and responsiveness. Our first home-buying experience was made significantly less overwhelming thanks to her. She was very thorough during our search, took initiative, was very personable (even making the process fun!), stayed in contact with us, and helped us to take all aspects of searching for a home into consideration. We ended up finding a perfect little house that fit our budget and needs. We will be contacting her again the next time we decide to purchase a home!

    - Ashley & Conor
  • Carrie and her business parter,Moco, make buying an selling a home as stress-free as possible. They are completely professional and have made my life so much easier. I would highly recommend Carrie Brugger to anyone in the Des Moines market.

    - Celene
  • Carrie's infectious enthusiasm, finely tuned people skills and revved up energy level were the qualities that made me choose Carrie when I needed to sell a very difficult-to-sell property. In spite of knowing how good she is at what she does, my hopes for selling soon were not very high—but Carrie quickly turned that around. The place sold quickly, and throughout negotiations, Carrie was with us night and day. She was always on top of the situation, always anticipating what would happen next, and super good at reading both me and the buyer to make sure that we were both happy. I would say Carrie is a win-win realtor. I am so glad she helped us, and I would retain her again if I ever needed to.

    - Deb & Bruce
  • Carrie is very personable and easy to work with. She is excellent in finding what your looking for and houses that you may not have known about. Great negotiator. Perfect Realtor for the Des Moines area.

    - Fred & Paul
  • As first-time home buyers, my husband and I had zero experience looking for a home, deciding what compormises we were ready to make, or how to spot a good deal.  We knew we needed a Realtor to help guide us, and we were so fortunate to find Carrie & Moco.  They are not only extremely professional & knowledgeable, but courteous, kind and fun!  They truly consider their clients' wants and needs and search tirelessly for the perfect fit without being pushy or demanding.  They seamlessly blend both aspects of their personalities to give their clients the ultimate buying experience and wer are so grateful we were able to work together.  A lot of our friends are looking for homes right now and we would recommend Carrie & Moco to all of them.  We couldn't have had a more relaxed or enjoyable buying process and we know it is largely due to Carrie & Moco; they are the best!

    - Stephany & Kevin
  • Carrie and Moco are the best! They gave us so much attention that it made us feel like we were their only clients.  They are extremely knowledgeable about the market and found us the home of our dreams.  We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Realtor.


    - Celene and Garth
  • We bouight and sold a house with Moco and Carrie's assistance.  They have the most amazing calm approach that worked well with our personalities.  Both times they helped us come up with creative solutions that ended up saving us thousands of dollars.  I should also mention that they sold our house in seven days - in a really tough market.  I can't recommend them highly enough.


    - Greta and Oleg